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A kit to enable you to begin living in France right away, saving you time and avoiding mistakes.


Don't waste your time looking for information on different websites. Get the best information and local secret in the Welcome guide.

Fewer mistakes

Avoid making extra trips to administration to do administrative procedures. All is explain on the Welcome guide.

Save money

Enjoy discounts from the first days, in the best place we personally tried and loved.

What's in the box?

A welcome guide with a map of Lyon. 

To give you plenty of information about your new environment including tips from the local expat community.

More info

Discount coupons from local partners. 

To enjoy discounts from the first days, in the best place we personally tried and loved.

A small illustration of the city, by the talented Audrey Apruzzese - Dessin de Ville.

To send or to keep as a souvenir of your stay in Lyon.

A packet of pralines by Maître Chocolatier Voisin.

To taste Lyon’s iconic sweet specialty.

You're going to love your stay in France!

Here's what some expats have said after moving here before Sojoourn was created:

“I didn't speak French very well at the beginning and it was very intimidating to navigate France. This would have been helpful.”

— Katie, Canada

Order your welcome box for a successful arrival in Lyon!
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