Sojoourn Christmas Market 2020

This year the small local shops have suffered enormously due to the lockdowns, therefore we would like to offer our help. We open our network and our platform to give free visibility to local and expat entrepreneurs. You can follow them on social media, buy their products and services or contact them from our website.

Yoga in English with Nina

by Nina from UK

She arrived from Bangkok, Thailand where she lived for 12 wonderful years before starting a new adventure in Lyon. She comes from the north of England originally.

She teaches yoga classes knowledgeably and passionately with 17 years teaching experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, she will guide you to improve your balance, strength and flexibility; while you benefit from a calmer state of mind.

Christmas offer: “Buy 1 get 1 FREE”
Group online class: 2 classes for only 8€
Private online class: 2 classes for 30€

She is from the Philippines and moved to France three years ago to try the life of expatriation in her husband's home country. She prepares handmade soaps with natural ingredients and aims to follow the long history of soap-making savoir-faire in France while drawing inspiration from the Philippines.

MANO not only means "hand" in Spanish but also refers to a gesture of respect in Filipino culture. In a greeting, the younger person bows to the older person's hand then rest their forehead on the hand to show respect and ask for a blessing. 

She offers unique soaps such as her "deco soap" which can be used to scent drawers and cupboards.

Christmas offer: Free shipping, gift wrapping and gift tag for the Christmas Gift Set


by Lorelie from the Philippines

Emma Burgon Photography 

by Emma from UK

She is from the UK, and she came to France before Brexit. Currently she is teaching English but her true passion is photography.

She has been a professional photographer for over 10 years on land and at sea, specialising in destination wedding photography and Portraiture. Her photography style is natural, relaxed and candid. When she is not photographing people, she is traveling around the globe and writing her travel blog, Emma the explorer.

Christmas offer: vouchers for mini photo shoots for families and couples in Lyon: €50

She moved to France from Scotland to be closer to her boyfriend.

She is an independent artist who creates feel-good text-filled digital portraits: from a photo and 10-15 words describing the person’s personality or little memories. Her other favourite technique is watercolour. She creates family/ pet portraits after photos by using high quality Winsor&Newton watercolour paints. She also paints more conceptual pieces and open to doing landscapes.

Christmas offer: digital downloadable portraits: 50€ (so you can print it yourself for cheaper)
A4 watercolour portraits + its digital file: 36€-123€ (depends on the number of subjects)

Feel Good Portraits

by Simone from Scotland

Loutsa torrefacteur

by Caroline from France

After travelling around the globe for 15 years and experiencing the expat life in its full glory, she came back home to France to launch her coffee store: Loutsa Torréfacteur.

It is more than just a coffee reseller; they offer carefully selected coffee beans that they roast in their shop to give you the right freshness. Beside coffee beans, you will find coffee accessories and machines, tasting workshop and a whole universe of coffee with the warranty of fair-trade business.

Christmas offer: Free coffee subscription when buying a coffee machine; workshop and pack of coffee beans

She is currently living in Barcelona, but wants to move to Lyon.

For 3 years now she has been a Holistic Nutritionist expert, passionate health blogger and wellness coach. She has learned the hard way that food is an opportunity to nourish the body. Her goal is to help her clients improve their general well-being for the body and the mind. Her programs vary from 1 month to 3 months or more. She has recently created an online store specialized in skincare tools to offer more ways of nourishment.

Christmas offer: Complete nutritional coaching to achieve any desired goal through a healthy balance, and incredible skincare tools with real benefits for everyday use.

Lissette Marion Nutrition - Your BeautyCo

by Lissette from Costa Rica

The Slow Mundane

by Sarah-Lena from Germany

She is from Germany but lived in Rotterdam for more than a decade before moving to Lyon 2 years ago. With her French husband and two kids they wanted to be closer to the family.

She is a Nutrition and Conscious Lifestyle Coach with a degree from Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. She helps people find their „gut feeling” and awaken their inner energy and glow by using kitchen as the best medicine. She shares many gluten-free and plant-based recipes on her blog.

Christmas offer: 15% reduction on her coaching packages to start the new year as the best version of you

She is an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher from the Philippines, travelled all over Southeast Asia to learn her yoga practice.

After meeting her French soulmate, she followed him to Grenoble and opened her own yoga studio. This summer they moved to Lyon and she started teaching yoga at MROC Villeurbanne, now she continues it online. She also offers traditional Philippine massage “Hilot” and shares her passion for vegan food.

Christmas offer: a personalised Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga: consultation, yoga practice manual, and 2 one-on-one sessions live or via Zoom for 50€ (total value: 80€)
1-hour Hilot massage session at Institut Balamani or in your home for 40€ (total value: 60€). Both gift cards are valid until March 2021.

A Quest for Peace

by Gerone from the Philippines

Dizzy & Co Designs

by Katherine from France

She was born in the heart of textile rich Yorkshire, Northern England and moved to Southwest France in 2015.

Shortly after her arrival she established her workshop where she creates handcrafted artisan crochet products, apparels and accessories. With comfort in mind, her products are inspired by nature and the beautiful countryside around her home. Each item is carefully created by hand and individually by her, ensuring standards remain high. Her creations are ethical, artisanal and unique. In November 2019, she opened her first shop in nearby St Claud.

Christmas offer: A free gift and free world wide postage on orders over 70€

She is from the UK, but has been living in France since 2008. As a mother of two, she is an advocate of sustainable childcare.

The idea of creating her company was born out of a young mother's desire to participate in the rational consumption process: consume less, consume differently, consume better! Her children constantly push her towards a simpler and more reasoned way of life. She is selling organic baby’s and children's clothing, cloth nappies and gifts. She promises fast delivery and excellent customer service.

Christmas offer: 10% discount on all orders with the code ”XMAS10”

Happy Hippy Baby

by Sarah from UK

Adaptive Edge Coaching

by Greg from America

He moved to Lyon with his wife from the United States to support her while she is studying for her Ph.D. here.


As a developmental psychologist with a Master’s in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University, he has designed a unique method of change that applies the latest research on identity and emotion in psychology and neuroscience. He provides life coaching for personal development with a focus on life changes, performance, and healing.

Christmas offer: Reduced price coaching packages. Sessions begin at 85€ (original price 120€).

She moved to France a couple of years ago from Morocco and joined Ringana as their Ambassador.


She is a passionate advocate for the Austrian eco-friendly company. Through her webshop you can buy natural, vegan and fresh (without artificial preservatives) products for your face, body or hair, as well as food supplements.

Christmas offer: Small organic products for all budgets (soaps, creams)


by Fanny from France


by Florence from France

She has lived the expat life in the USA, Switzerland, Australia, in the Middle East and in Europe.

As an international adoptee living in Lyon and raising 3 TCK (Third Culture Kid) children, leads her to become an intercultural trainer and international parenting expert. She wants children and parents to feel a sense of pride and cohesion in their multiple identities.

With her book, “I'm a citizen of the world” for parents and children, she guides them in achieving their journey and creating their own family culture. The book is sold at Damn Fine Bookstore in Lyon 7.

Christmas offer: FREE International Parenting session for each book or e-book purchased

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