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Whether you are an expat (international or French back to France), entrepreneur, creative or freelancer, we take the time to know you and ensure you have everything you need to thrive under Sojoourn. 


There are THREE WAYS to join Sojoourn and become part of the #Sojoourn tribe!

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Do qualified networking while meeting interesting people from all over the world and support our #expatseconomy mouvment!

  • Everything included in the free membership

  • Access to 6 sessions of ApéroExpats and 6 sessions of CaféExpats for free within 6 months starting the date you register for the first event.

  • Access to exclusive deals

  • 15%-20% off on French courses and events 

  • Our City Guide (ebook version)

  • FREE 1 hour consulting with our founder to answer all your questions (or to use for an accompaniment to the prefecture, to the doctor...according to your needs!)

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Are you an expat-owned business? A coach, a teacher? Partner with us and develop quickly your visibility. 

  • Everything included in the Tribe Member membership

  • Collaboration for events organized by Sojoourn

  • Feature Opportunities (member spotlight) on the City Guide, Blog & Community

  • A dedicated page for your service on our website

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  • Early-bird access to dedicated workshops & events for business owner.

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What they’re saying

"Sojoourn is making you feel like home in France! When I moved to Lyon, I was all by myself. But when I discovered Sojoourn, this changed. I met new people from all over the world who moved to Lyon and are trying to be part of French society. Sojoourn is here to help you have a smooth integration.
You should try the Apero Expats event, which happens every month in a different place in Lyon.
It's always good energy in the Apero. For 3 hours, people are catching up with what each of them did in the last month and how they evolved. It becomes like a family, which makes me feel like home."

— Silviu, Roumania

"I highly recommend it. Especially the AperoExpat. I met cool expats and also french ( who had lived abroad before) who wanna hang out through activities and not just for a drink. The ambiance is friendly and every time Sojoourn surprises us with a new workshop or activity which is nice. Gives options for discovering."

— Farnoush, Iran

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