Why a SIM card?

After moving to France, one of the first things you’ll have to do is bring a phone. We recommend that you be reachable by phone as soon as you start your job and housing search so that you do not miss any opportunities! So, it's highly recommended to have a French number.

The majority of newcomers to Lyon opt for prepaid cards of varying call and data plans, because it is a very practical way to be reachable without having a formal contract.

To get French number you have to do 3 things:

1. Buy a SIM card;

2. Insert the SIM card into your unlocked phone;

3. Buy credits to "top it off"which will give you some combination of minutes for telephone calls, text messages, and data for internet on your phone.

Our recommandation

To facilitate the process, we activate the SIM card for you!

We work with a supplier of SIM for high quality, low cost international and national calls. They offers a good solution for ALL expats (all nationalities). Please note that no commitment is required (i.e that you will be able to change for a different provider whenever you want).

You will be able to buy credits on www.lycamobile.fr


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