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How to find a nursery place for your child?

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

You arrive in France, you settle in Lyon with your family, and after finding an apartment in a neighborhood that suits you, you seek your bearings. How does everyday life take shape in a new city with young children? What steps must be taken to make your children meet other children and socialize in a new environment, with a sometimes unknown language? Sojoourn met Choisir ma Crèche, a team of enthusiasts who accompanies you in the search for the ideal crib.

Public services in France

In France, the "Early childhood" service exists in every city, it is attached to the town hall of your municipality. He can offer you the addresses of the municipal nursery to which you are attached in relation to your address of residence. If you are looking for a maternal assistant, this service will also give you a list of contacts that you can join to discuss their availability.

The institutions: Maternal and Infant Protection PMI or Relay Maternity Assistance (RAM) are also places of welcome for parents who have opening days specially dedicated to the reception of parents.

Your child is under three years old

If your child is under the age of three, there are several options available to you. Municipal crèches are often saturated with demand exceeding the number of places available. Nevertheless, other solutions are available. Choosing my nursery is a system that allows access to private nurseries at any time of the year and the price of a public nursery. If your child is over three, he or she can join the school system in a kindergarten class. Inquire at the town hall of your place of residence.

How it works ?

Just go to and fill out the registration form. The team of Choisir ma Crèche will contact you in 24h to accompany you in your steps. Do you dream that your little one is taking part in gardening lessons or integrating a bilingual nursery? They will find you the perfect place.

More than 300 partner crèches in Lyon and its region

Your child will be welcomed by a multidisciplinary team, very attentive to the development of the little ones. The educational project of the establishment will be explained to you. A schedule will detail the highlights of the year that punctuate the life of the nursery. Indeed, thanks to the events, you will also be able to meet the parents of the children who surround yours in their daily lives and certainly to weave lasting friendly relationships!

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