Tribe Leaders Spotlight: Myriam, founder of Dopamine Dealer

Updated: May 14, 2020

Meet Myriam, founder of Dopamine Dealer, who wish to offer a sensory experience for gourmets, help them to stabilize their mood and give everyone the opportunity to have access to a snack rich in nutrients and adapted to their lifestyle.

Born in Lyon, Myriam is a 27-year old young woman whose career was all laid out after her Master in Finance in 2017.

But with a true passion for a healthy and plant-based lifestyle, a gap in the French market, as well as a strong need for change, she decided to launch in 2020 a home-grown brand, calling herself a Dopamine Dealer. She creates natural and clean ingredient-based treats for optimal nourishment and a better mood. She also organizes private brunchs, workshops and running sessions in the city.

She believes that we can work in synergy with ingredients that improve the beauty of the soul, to become the best version of ourselves.

A short summary of what you are currently working on and why?

I'm currently and constantly developing recipes to always come up with new flavors and nutrient-rich products. I'm also finalizing my website where people will be able to order online boxes and other healthy treats! These remain the most important parts of my project to keep the business sustainable and at the same time innovative.

Is there anything exciting you are working on over the next 2-3 weeks?

I would say many exciting things yes! The next coming weeks will be focused on the search of partners within yoga clubs, coffee shops or even companies. I also intend to travel for a few days to get more inspiration and give some time to myself.

Biggest tip for someone starting a business:

Start before you're ready.

What do you find beneficial when it comes to be part of Sojoourn?

The most enjoyable part for me being part of this amazing community is to interact with people coming from different backgrounds and talk in English... Two of the things I miss the most from my time abroad! I also expect to share with them my passion and services as a local and bilingual chef.

Tell us about YOU, what do you like doing in your dailylife?

Obviously I love cooking. I'm thinking about creating new recipes day and night, it just pops up all the time in my brain...

Apart from that, I'm a great foodie, and I love testing new restaurants and cafés, even more when I'm travelling... I also practice a regular physical activity to stay healthy as much as possible, if time allows...

And finally, an advice to people moving to Lyon?

First, congrats, you've chosen the best city in France! Then, just enjoy the good food and the beauty of it!

Life motto: 

Take time to do what makes your soul happy :)

Make your body and soul happy thanks to Dopamine Dealer !

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