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Nathalie Barberis

Founder of Marypop

Nathalie is the founder of Marypop, a multilingual babysitter service. As a mother of 3 Franco-Dutch children and a frequent traveller she often found herself in the need of a trusted babysitter abroad. That’s how the idea started. Travelling with children is certainly one of the most challenging experience but also the best way to show them the world and teach them how to become a global citizen. With Marypop, find a babysitter you can trust, wherever you are.

Crina Diaconu

Experience creator

Crina started her career in luxury cruising and over the years expanded it in hospitality management. She had the chance to work and travel all over the world before settling down in Lyon. Here she started her own travel agency business: Inventum Aventures that specializes in luxurious off-track trips to North and South Chile and Inventum Sojourn to offer exclusive, high class accommodation, dining and sight-seeing experiences in Lyon. That includes also short trips like wine tours in the Rhône region.

Juliette Potin

Life Coach

Juliette is a French life coach specialized in helping expat women to find their balance in a new country, in a new culture. She shows them how to take advantage of the situation and find their mission in life. She lived in Italy, Turkey and the USA and experienced having to reinvent herself after working 15 years as an engineer. She offers group workshops as well as individual coaching programs. Juliette’s ikigaï – purpose of life – is to share her optimism and confidence.

Nina Coates

Yoga Teacher

Nina is Lyon's main yoga teacher for expats. With over 16 years of teaching experience and 12 years living in Thailand she wants to share her passion and knowledge. She created Yoga in English with Nina and set up her studio in Parc de la Tête d’Or. In the Far East she immersed herself in the Asian approach of yoga and culture. She teaches in English to all levels so everyone can enjoy the benefits that yoga brings to the body and mind.

Christy Velasquez


Christy is a trained chef from California. She went through a career change before getting her degree in the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. She worked in product development and research for major grocery stores and test kitchens. She fell in love with France during her travels and finally decided to move to Lyon, the capital of gastronomy. She is building her network in catering with Sunnset, but she is also available for private events and pop up restaurants.

Martina Buchal

Life Coach

Martina is the founder of Start Within, an internationally recognized speaker and life coach. Her background in law and peacebuilding connected her with high level leaders. She was recently selected as #34 on the Global Visionary Leaders List. For years she has been traveling and studying human behaviour and empowering others to rise to the occasion of starting within to live their best life. Her message has made it to prestigious international stages, including the UN and the Summit of the Americas. 

Greg Murray

Executive Coach

Greg is a trained coach and professor from Philadelphia. With a master’s degree in human development and psychology from Harvard, he developed a systematic approach to coach expats. He has years of experience with issues like language and cultural barriers, social isolation, work and relationship problems, health or childcare. He understands the roller coaster ride of the expat lifestyle. He can help you make the necessary changes so that you enjoy the excitement of living in a new country.

Sarah-Lena Smutny

Nutrition Consultant

Sarah is a certified nutrition and lifestyle coach originally from Germany. She had health problems nearly all her life until she started to question her own diet. She enrolled to the world's largest nutrition school, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition NY and learned that food can be medicine. With her experience and knowledge, she offers one-on-one and group coaching sessions to help you reach your own personal health goals. She wishes to raise awareness about low waste, seasonal and local consumption.

Myriam Giri

Healthy food creator

Myriam is a true lyonnaise who started her career in finances but soon realized that her true calling is in food. She founded Dopamine Dealer and challenged herself to change the way we think about a healthy diet. She prepares paleo, gluten-free and vegan snacks and desserts with low natural sugar level without compromising on the taste. A plant-based diet plays a major role in combating climate change too. She also organizes private brunches, workshops and running sessions in the city.

Daniel Berthelot

Fitness and Memory Coach

Coach Dan is the founder of Ta Tête et Tes Jambes, an outdoor bodyweight work out club. He is from a small French village but travelled the world and lived as an expat for nearly a decade. He built up three successful fitness training schools in Italy. He came back to France to start fresh and to show his other skills beside fitness. He established himself as a personal development and memory trainer. He offers one-on-one and group coaching sessions.

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