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Tribe Leaders Spotlight: Gerone, yoga teacher and founder of “A Quest for Peace”

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Meet Gerone

She is an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher from the Philippines who wants to show people that yoga is for everybody regardless of their limitations. She is the founder of “A Quest for Peace, a registered yoga & meditation studio which provides integrated pranayama (breathing), asana (posture) and meditation classes that honour the ancient practices and traditions of yoga applied in the contemporary context. Prior to moving to France in 2018 she has travelled all over Southeast Asia to learn her yoga practice.

Before following her passion to become a yoga teacher, she worked as a legal assistant for a law firm in Manila. Growing up she was never really into doing sports but during her studies and her stressful job she felt the need to connect with her body and relax in a different kind of way. In 2013 she downloaded a yoga app just to try it out and after a few months she was practising it with others in a park. Eventually she found her yoga mentor who inspired her to become a teacher herself.

Today she is certified to teach specialised yoga for the elderly, pregnant women and physically disabled people with 500 hours of accredited yoga training.

Gerone, tell us about YOU, what do you like doing in your daily life?

In the morning after waking up I do a small ayurvedic hygiene routine, I meditate for about 40 minutes to an hour, do my yoga practice and then have some breakfast. I start the working day by checking my emails and posting on Instagram.

As a person working on my own, I organise my days and stay on top of my schedule.

Before having my lunch, I usually catch up with friends and family from the Philippines (they are 6 hours ahead of us so that’s their evening time). As a vegan, I’ve really learned to be creative and make delicious and easy meals so I really enjoy my lunch. I am still learning to appreciate the flavours of French food as it is very different from what I grew up with. Before going back to work I would take a small Netflix break or relax a little bit and have a nap. Usually in the afternoons I teach yoga classes or I do one-on-one consultations, massage, but if not, I like to stay creative and productive, this winter, I am knitting for example. After my evening classes, I would prepare dinner with my partner, we play some board games or watch a movie. And I end the day with another hygiene routine and sometimes do a short meditation before going to sleep at 10.

Can you summarise what you are currently working on?

Most of my projects are yoga-related. This summer and autumn I wanted to organise my first yoga retreat in France, but the pandemic made it impossible so I am looking forward to do it next year. For sure I will be at the Enchanted Circle (Le Cercle Enchantée) Festival in the south next summer to teach yoga and auto-massage classes.

Another project I am working on with a friend is to make yoga philosophy more understandable to people through art. It is called YNA (Yoga – Nature - Art). She will create illustrations from my interpretations of the yoga sutras and mantras to make it more contemporary and more accessible for people.

In March, the Grenoble metropole is organizing a day of sports for the month of accessibility so I am going there again to teach yoga classes for people in wheelchairs and for children with special needs. This is my second year teaching accessible yoga in France and I feel really passionate about it, this is my karma yoga.

What’s your best advice to someone starting a business?

I had my own yoga studio in Grenoble, where I lived before coming to Lyon. When we moved here in June, I was lucky enough to be given a teaching space at MROC Villeurbanne where I was teaching 4 days a week just until the second confinement. I also give Hilot, which is the traditional massage from the Philippines which is less known in this region.

I jumped into launching my business head first.

I could have looked for help and asked for guidance or take a training but I didn’t so I had to figure out everything by myself. I definitely suggest for everyone who is starting their business to prepare in advance.

What do you find beneficial being a part of Sojoourn?

Funny thing is, I found Sojoourn by chance. Not so long ago I came across one of your events on Facebook and started following you on Instagram, then Emmanuelle contacted me. I am grateful to Sojoourn and the work you girls are doing, building a platform not only for expats but also for entrepreneurs like me. With your help I can reach more people, build my personal and professional network and find new friends. I am really looking forward to this collaboration.

Do you have any advice for people who are moving to Lyon?

Lyon was not my original choice, but my partner was already working here when we were still living in Grenoble. The pandemic pushed us to make the decision to move here so he doesn’t have to commute anymore and I just trusted that I will be able to continue my passion for teaching yoga here. I really like the charm of the city, the museums and the rich history.

My advice for people moving to Lyon is to be open.

Each neighbourhood is so different, and the city can really surprise you. Dare to discover more of it.

Life motto:

I have many mantras in life, but if I have to pick one it would: Everything will pass, just enjoy the moment or just experience the pain. But know that one day it will pass.

Let out some stress, stretch out your mind & body and welcome change with open arms. Join Gerone from the comfort of your home for some much needed online yoga courses in English. Mandatory registration on our website.

Follow Gerone on Facebook and Instagram.

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