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Meet the Sojoourn Team

Hello, we are here to help you better integrate into your life in France. All of us have travelled the world and lived in different countries. Building the Sojoourn community, guiding and connecting expats are much more than just a job for us, it's our calling. We put our heart and soul into what we are doing.



Founder & Business developer

Emmanuelle is French, but she was born to be a globetrotter. After living in Mexico and Argentina and experiencing her best years abroad, she found herself thinking about how to create a welcoming experience for expats in France. In 2018, after working as a chemical engineer for 5 years, she quit her day job and founded Sojoourn. She wants everyone to feel at home in France, no matter where they come from.

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Relocation specialist

Zsofi is a true career chameleon from Budapest. Having finished at the top of her class in University - studying Economics - she moved to France to follow her passion: pastries and chocolate. She lives in Lyon since 2018 and follows the adventure of Sojoourn since the beginning. Zsofi is in charge of the Home Search Services, doing her best to find the perfect new homes for our clients. 

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City Ambassador

Walt moved to Lyon in May 2019 to live here permanently without having previously visited the city. In the past seven years he traveled the globe and lived in seven different countries. During his exciting adventures he learned new languages and skills while connecting with local people and expats to fully embrace each culture. His widespread knowledge and open minded attitude makes him the perfect Sojoourn Ambassador.

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Our native French professors

We work with the best native teachers in town who have experienced the expat lifestyle just like you! You can join our French courses anytime either in a small conversational group or as a private one-to-one class.



Christel has graduated from Alliance Française de Paris with a specialisation in communication (ISCOM Paris). With more than 20 years of experience teaching FLE (Français Langue Étrangère) for adults of different nationalities, she can easily adapt her methods to better fit your needs. She has spent 17 years abroad (United States, Portugal, Belgium, Spain), which has given her a great understanding of the challenges of expatriation. After coming back to France in 2015, she specialised in Business French for expatriates. At Sojoourn she enjoys teaching French while transferring her multicultural background.



During her early studies in Applied Languages, Eva lived in the USA and in Spain. These life experiences framed her passion for intercultural exchanges and language transmission. She began to major in teaching FLE and gained experience working in Alliance Française of Cartagena (Spain) and CIEF in Lyon. After obtaining her Master’s Degree in teaching FLE, she worked as a French Teacher at the Naval Academy of Korea and Alliance Française of Daegu for one year. Since her return to Lyon, she has worked as a French Teacher in different schools and organisations giving her a strong knowledge of various public spheres and teaching methods. To her, each new encounter with a student is a time of sharing that she values.



Valerie has 18 years of experience from teaching French and FLE (Francais Langue Étrangère) in different surroundings in the Paris region. She worked in middle school and taught children, then she moved on to adults from various language training centres. Today she works with students, expats and anglophone professionals. She had the chance to spend one year in the United States while studying Modern Literature. This experience made her unique and more open minded. She is a master of her profession and a beloved teacher at Sojoourn.

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