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There is more than one way to learn and practise a new foreign language. At Sojoourn we want to offer you different opportunities form traditional language courses to fun game nights. You can study French anywhere, but with us, you get to be a part of an awesome expat family. A choice that makes the difference.
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French courses

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Covid-19 update: we temporarly suspended all physical classes.

Why you should choose Sojoourn?
The Sojoourn French Courses are 100% tailored for newcomers, expatriates or their partners who would like to better understand the basic grammar; gain more confidence to talk in everyday life situations; or simply would like to perfect their accent or conversational skills.

Our native French professors (Christel, Eva and Valérie) have various teaching experiences but they all have lived abroad as expats. They perfectly understand the struggle of moving to a new country and they are here to give you the warm welcome and the attention you deserve. 

Speak French and feel home in Lyon with Sojoourn.

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We offer different packages of 10-20-30 hours for the group classes and also for private or duo classes.

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*In order to benefit the Sojoourn Club member's reductions on the group courses you have to be a member the entire time of your Sojoourn French courses.

You can join our small group courses at any time.



4 to 6 participants max



A1 to C1



from anywhere via Zoom

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If you bring us a new student who signs up for a group course or a private course, both of you get 1 free 60 minutes class additionally to your packages. You and your friend both have to be an active student of ours. 

Learn French from the best native teachers in town who have experienced the expat lifestyle just like you!


Christel has graduated from Alliance Française de Paris with a specialisation in communication (ISCOM Paris). With more than 20 years of experience teaching FLE (Français Langue Étrangère) for adults of different nationalities, she can easily adapt her methods to better fit your needs. She has spent 17 years abroad (United States, Portugal, Belgium, Spain), which has given her a great understanding of the challenges of expatriation. After coming back to France in 2015, she specialised in Business French for expatriates. At Sojoourn she enjoys teaching French while transferring her multicultural background.






During her early studies in Applied Languages, Eva lived in the USA and in Spain. These life experiences framed her passion for intercultural exchanges and language transmission. She began to major in teaching FLE and gained experience working in Alliance Française of Cartagena (Spain) and CIEF in Lyon. After obtaining her Master’s Degree in teaching FLE, she worked as a French Teacher at the Naval Academy of Korea and Alliance Française of Daegu for one year. Since her return to Lyon, she has worked as a French Teacher in different schools and organisations giving her a strong knowledge of various public spheres and teaching methods. To her, each new encounter with a student is a time of sharing that she values.







Valerie has 18 years of experience from teaching French and FLE (Francais Langue Étrangère) in different surroundings in the Paris region. She worked in middle school and taught children, then she moved on to adults from various language training centres. Today she works with students, expats and anglophone professionals. She had the chance to spend one year in the United States while studying Modern Literature. This experience made her unique and more open minded. She is a master of her profession and a beloved teacher at Sojoourn.




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Our students said...

Shani, from Australia

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Martina, from Canada

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"Emmanuelle and the team at Sojoourn have created a great community with lots of activities and opportunities for networking. It's like a one stop shop for expats to help you with everything and anything you need. Personally I have done French classes for 6 months through Sojoourn and it is so much better than standard language schools! Recently I also did some online cooking workshops which were excellent! I highly recommend Sojoourn to any current or future expats."

"French courses with Sojoourn have been a life-saver for me. I'm a busy professional with a tight schedule, and got matched up with an amazing teacher who fits right into my lifestyle. I can already see my French improving!"

Join us at our French events

Are you looking for something else? To offer you the best experience possible we added some fun events where you can practise French outside of a language course while meeting other expats and local people. To join our bimonthly ApéroFrancais, Game Nights or Book Club&Movie Club visit our EVENTS* page.
If you are a member of the Sojoourn Club you benefit from exclusive discounts on our events. Become a member now and enjoy all the advantages.
*To respect the sanitary restrictions and slow down the propagation of the Covid-19 virus we host all of our events only online. As soon as possible and safe we will restart organising physical events. 

Alternative language courses

We partnered up with My polyglot life and The language Lab to bring you different methods in order to boost your French language skills and help you better integrate to France.
If you are a member of the Sojoourn Club you benefit from exclusive discounts from our partners. Become a member now and enjoy all the advantages.
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My polyglot life


Cathy is an accredited neuro-language coach living in Canada. She offers one-to-one online coaching sessions with constant brain-friendly conversations, while recognising and helping through social and emotional pain as inherent to the language learning process. She has created a 2-week listening course that can be done in complete autonomy. Her French podcast for high intermediate and advanced levels gives us an insight about learning, society and living in France and Canada.

25% reduction on her 2-week listening course and some workshops for the Sojoourn Club members.

The Language Lab


Boost your understanding and French fluency with an auditory training program.

Each language has a different frequency range and our ear is set by default to our mother tongue. By having our ears trained into the right tone, we can reduce significantly the time required to learn a new language.

Free language diagnostic session for the Sojoourn Club members.

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