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We choose experts in their field to offer quality services events that will help you to move in the right direction in your new life!

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Nathalie Barberis

Founder of Marypop

Nathalie is the founder of Marypop. Mother of 3 Franco-Dutch children and frequent traveller, she had the idea of Marypop in 2006. 
Her idea started from a conviction that has become a way of life: travelling with her children, even
small ones and especially abroad, is certainly the most enriching experience: opening up to the world. With Marypop, find a babysitter you can trust, wherever you are.

Stela is an executive coach with a coursework certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also certified in the use of the Enneagram – a powerful personality study, by The Enneagram in Business institute. She provides expertise to expatriates and spouses, supporting them in their transition period (she has a personal experience of expatriation too). 

Juliette Potin

Life Coach

Juliette is a French life coach specialized in helping expat women find their balance in a new country as well as taking advantage of this time abroad to find their mission in life. She lived in Italy, Turkey and United States and experienced having to reinvent herself after having worked as an engineer in the industry for 15 years. She offers group workshops as well as individual programs. Juliette’s ikigaï is to share her optimism and confidence in life.

Nina Coates

Yoga Teacher

Nina is a yoga teacher. Previous to living in France she lived in Bangkok Thailand for 12 years where l discovered my passion for yoga. In my classes l teach for all levels so anyone can enjoy the many benefits yoga brings to the body as well as the mind. It doesn't matter if you're flexible or not, yoga is all about feeling good.

Philippa Lyons

Social Psychologist

Philippa is social psychologist MSc with a corporate background. She works with companies to help them understand social issues challenging their development, working with them to communicate effectively and create a positive change in the behaviour of their employees and clients.  She is an experienced in multicultural communication and has worked internationally as well as living in Italy and France. She’s passionate about raising awareness of mental health in expats.

Greg Murray

Executive Coach

Martina Buchal

Life Coach

Martina is the founder of Start Within, an internationally recognized speaker and life coach recently selected as Real Leaders Magazine’s #34 most Visionary Leader. For more than 3 years she has been traveling the globe studying human behaviour and empowering others to rise to the occasion of starting within to live their best life. Her message has made it to prestigious international stages, including the United Nations and the Summit of the Americas, where she was invited to speak by the Vice President of Panama herself.

Mathias Kolppo


Mathias is a passionate photographer based in Lyon. He is always in search for beauty through the viewfinder.

Sarah Lena Smuthy

Nutrition Consultant

"Sojoourn is on a mission to be the driving force that makes France the best place in the world for expats. We foster an environment that creates the greatest opportunities for expats to succeed."

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