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Sojoourn Home Search Services

We take care of finding your new home, worry-free!

At Sojoourn Home Search our mission is to find your new home in France, help you navigate the relocation transition period and make you immediately feel home.

As an expat we can truly understand your situation and we are more than motivated to make a positive impact on your life and taking the stress and burden off of your shoulders by finding the perfect home for you. 

But that's not all! We are also here to introduce you to our amazing community and welcome you at our events.


Why choose our Home Search?

We guide you through the Home Search experience and promise to find your perfect new home in France. Contact us for a free Zoom call to discuss the details!

Sojoourn feels like home

Sojoourn Home Search is the best solution because:

1. We are experienced in the French real estate market for furnished and unfurnished rentals in Lyon.


2. We prepare your application to save you time and energy.


3. We filter through the offers and contact the landlords and agencies to arrange visits for you.


4. We accompany you during the visits or visit the apartment instead of you.


5. We offer a 2-months follow up assistance to help you settle in.

Included services

  • Inscription for a guarantor

  • Inscription for home insurance

  • Inscription for utility contracts (water, electricity, gas)

  • Inscription for internet provider

BONUS: As part of our surprise Welcome Pack to celebrate your new home, we include an invitation to one of our famous ApéroExpats events for free to help you better integrate and make some new friends.

Our goal is to provide the best experience for expats relocating to France. We are not a real estate agency, we are a personalised service provider for expats with a lively international community. We put the human part in the center of everything we do.

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Home Search Testimonial website background.png

"We are so grateful to Zsofi for her expertise and guidance over the last month. She helped my spouse and I find an apartment, understand the culture (and cuisine!), set up our utilities, and navigate the legal documents and processes in a short period of time, all of which was very daunting to first time expats like ourselves who are timid with the language. It is true: nothing in life ever goes according to plan, but with a patient, personable, and professional specialist like Zsofi at your side, it’s reassuring to know that you are starting off your big Lyon adventure heading in the right direction."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to find an apartment with Sojoourn?

On average we need 3-4 weeks to find your new place. The duration of your home search can vary a lot as there are many factors that are out of Sojoourn's control (the housing market, your application, the timing, the luck...).

What happens after I signed my new lease contract?

The starting date of your contract is also the day of the move in inspection "état des lieux", when the real estate agency is inspecting the apartment and creating a detailed document with photos to document the exact state of the place. We are of course also present during this appointment to supervise the process.

What if I don't speak French?

We are here to make your life easier, you don't need to speak French. We will contact the real estate agencies to ask for visits and guide you through the whole process. Before you sign your new lease contract we proofread it for you and explain every line to you.

Can I also look for accommodations on my own?

Of course you can, if you find something that you like, feel free to send it to us, but we're here to save you around fifty hours of research. We have built up a well working system, you can let us manage the research entirely. You have a better chance of getting the apartment through us, because as we're professionals, agencies trust us more.

How can I stay in touch with Sojoourn during the search?

After signing a Home Search Contract with us, we will start a group discussion on WhatsApp. We will send you the offers we found and you will be able to ask us all the questions you may have. We remain at your disposal even after you moved in to make sure everything goes well.

Does Sojoourn provide assistance to subscribe for utility (electricity, gas, water, internet ...) contracts?

Absolutely, our service goes beyond just finding a place for you. We open the utility contracts for you, arrange home insurance and make sure everything is well coordinated with your agency. 

Discover our helpful resources

Get settled and feel like home in Lyon!

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The ultimate check-list

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The housing guide

Do you plan to start a new adventure in France? Download our checklist with the best tips to help you get organised starting from 4 months prior to moving. Sail as smoothly as possible through the relocation process and experience a stress-free move. We hope to see you around in the city.

Where to look for accommodation? Which documents are required? Get all the answers and tips for budget planning and finding a guarantor. Grab our complete guide for free and avoid the most common mistakes while  moving to France, Lyon. 

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