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Sojoourn reinvents the welcome of foreigners/expatriates so that a stay in an unknown country is easier.

Our mission is to make it easy for expats to settle in their new life in France.

Our history

Everything started in 2011 when founder Emmanuelle went to Mexico for 6 months as part of her engineering studies.  She was welcomed at the airport by a Mexican family and had an amazing experience with the local community.  This experience proved to be enriching, and made her want to travel around the world.  Her travels have convinced her of the importance of hospitality and good integration.  After working as a chemical engineer for five years, she decided to start her own business in France. 


Sojoourn was born.

We are convinced that an experience with locals contributes to a better integration. 

Today, we are an international networking community of expat business owners, employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, post-graduate students, expats and locals, working to build a enriching, inspiring and powerful international community. 


“It’s so important to belong to a community, in the city you’re living in" - Emmanuelle


What we do
We help international people find their place, personally and professionally, in their new life.
We help them discover their new city and French culture together.

We support expats spouses who want to live their dreams both big and small through the events, workshops, and experiences we create.

We promote local business owners and entrepreneurs by giving them visibility thanks to our events or theirs.

Thanks to Sojoourn expats from around the globe will no longer simply cross paths but will meet up to talk and share things together. A faster – and better – way to grow personally and professionally.

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We stand by our service and proudly offer a 100% happiness guarantee.

Sojoourn is the leading network & guide for expats in Lyon with a dynamic community at the heart of it.

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