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What we do​

Sojoourn is the leading networking community & guide for expats in Lyon with a dynamic community at the heart of it. A company designed by expats for expats. With our unique and personalised assistance we help expats and francophones to better integrate in their new life in France.

Connect. Share. Support.


We created Sojoourn Club to offer a safe space to connect on a new platform, because we know you deserve more than just a Facebook group. With our regular and members-only events (physical or online) start building meaningful friendships, benefit from exclusive discount, our personalised assistance and much more. We offer a special membership program for the entrepreneurs with additional support and visibility.

Home Search

For some, the most difficult task when moving abroad is to find their new place where they can truly feel home. We are more than motivated to make a positive impact on their life by guiding them through this process. We are not a real estate agency, we go beyond just a simple house hunt. Discover our home search service.

French courses

It is inevitable to speak French in France, but there is more than one way to learn this beautiful yet quite complexe language. At Sojoourn we offer different methods form traditional language courses (in small groups or with a private tutor) to game nights. You can study anywhere, but when you take Sojoourn French courses, you get to be a part of an awesome expat family. A choice that makes the difference. 

Personalised assistance

The French bureaucracy is famous for being too complicated. Expats have to navigate through a new system and in a foreign language to declare their taxes, subscribe to health insurance, open a bank account and so on. We completely understand the shock and we are here to help with anything to make life a bit easier. Contact us for more details and a personalised offer.


Sojoourn wouldn't exist without our amazing expat community. We love connecting people and helping them become friends, colleagues and roommates. Networking is a key element of successful integration in a foreign city. We can't wait to meet you at one of our upcoming events, everyone is welcome.

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