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About us

The brand​


Sojoourn was born from an amazing experience of living abroad and feeling connected to like-minded people. A few years later, we are the leading networking community and guide for expats in Lyon by providing a whole and unique experience and support during the integration of expatriates and French people coming back home. We keep in touch with expats not just in Lyon, but all over France. Read our story and find out what makes Sojoourn unique.

The Sojoourn Team

We are 2 passionate and dynamic young women - Emmanuelle and Zsofi - who have lived abroad and experienced the highs and lows of being an expat. All we want is to share our knowledge about the good places in Lyon and help you better integrate in France. We love our community and can't wait to get to know you better. Get to know the rest of the team too.

The Tribe Leaders

We collaborate with local and expat entrepreneurs and introduce them to our community while giving them extra visibility. Creating a special space for entrepreneurs where they can connect to each other and motivate each other can elevate their business. Have a look at the business owners that trusted us and worked with us so far. Are you an entrepreneur and would like to talk about a collaboration with us? Contact us!

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