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A complete guide to finding accommodation in Lyon

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Do you have an expatriation opportunity? Have you decided to settle in Lyon? Follow this Sojoourn guidebook and find accommodation in Lyon easier while avoiding common mistakes. Enjoy your new experience in France!


  1. 5 Things to know before arriving in Lyon

  2. The best neighbourhoods to live in

  3. Estimate your budget - costs of renting an apartment + average rent in the most popular neighbourhoods

  4. Finding housing - permanent/ temporary accommodation 

  5. Putting together a complete application

  6. Finding financial aid

  7. Finding a guarantor

  8. Mobili-Pass

  9. Home insurance

  10. When leaving your accommodation

  11. Useful vocabulary

  12. Bonus: a personal letter to the owner

We saw that the expats need our help to help them find a new home. We can truly understand their situation and we are more than motivated to make a positive impact on their life by finding the perfect place for them. Starting in 2021, we offer a home search service.

As a first step, here is a useful guidebook (25 pages) to help you with valuable information before moving to Lyon, or even when you want to just change your residence in the city.

Where to look for accommodation? Which documents are required? Get all the answers and tips for budget planning and finding a guarantor. Grab our complete guide for free and avoid the most common mistakes while moving to France, Lyon.

Download now for free from our home search webpage.

For another helpful resource, check out our ultimate check-list for moving.

Do you plan to start a new adventure in Lyon? Download our checklist with the best tips to help you get organised starting from 4 months prior to moving. Sail as smoothly as possible through the relocation process and experience a stress-free move. We hope to see you around in the city.

If you are moving to Lyon, we can't wait to meet you at one of our upcoming networking events! Do you need assistance? Schedule a free video call with us for a consultation or contact us directly via email.

See you around,

The Sojoourn Team



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