How to find a job in France

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

When moving to France or just generally abroad, we all face the same challenges: finding a job and integrating into the new culture/life.

Sojoourn is on your side at every step of the way. We want to support expats and French people, who are coming home, and help them find a job, find their new home and connect them with their new friends.

Before giving you some tips on looking for a job, we have to point out that France is a country that is very proud to its language.

It’s not easy to find an English speaking job in France if you do not speak any French.

Of course, you can work in English at a bigger multinational company, but most of the informal conversation that happens at the coffee machine for example, or during lunch or even sometimes in a meeting will be in French. It's really necessary to speak some French to be able to integrate with your colleagues. Our advice to you is to show your future employer that you’re willing to learn the French language and you are super motivated to invest your time and energy to integrate better to the society.

1. Learn French

First things first, learning French. If you want to be more confident and reduce anxiety during the interviews, we highly recommend you to reach a B1-B2 level in French. This is the average level most of the employers are looking for, but it also means that you are able to maintain a good level of conversation with your future colleagues. There are plenty of language courses in Lyon that can help you get started. At Sojoourn we also offer conversational French courses in small groups or more intensive private classes. Try to meet French people socially, join our next ApéroFrancais event, watch French TV, listen to French radio, or take on a French lover. Invest in yourself and do whatever it takes to learn the language, if you plan to stay in France!

You can find more information about the Sojoourn French courses on our website, and look for our upcoming events to meet other expats who are in the same situation as you, or French people who want to be in an international environment.