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The Sojoourn brand
"It's important to feel that you belong in the city where you live." - Emmanuelle Gimenez
Our story


After living in Mexico and Argentina for a year and experiencing her best years abroad, Emmanuelle didn't want to come back to France and just go back to her old life. She found herself thinking how to address this need to be surrounded by people who have also lived as expats. She took a brave step forward, quit her job as a chemical engineer and founded Sojoourn in September 2018.

While building the Sojoourn community she has met so many wonderful people who have supported her in this journey. One of them is Zsofi, who is now the Community Manager.

Read Emmanuelle's full story on our blog.

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What makes Sojoourn unique?


Sojoourn is the first company of its kind in Lyon and France. Designed by expats for expats. Not only we are an international community of like-minded expats, but we also offer the most fun and enriching experience for the newcomers in the city. We help them get settled and accompany them from their arrival and throughout their stay with events, personalised services and a welcoming community. Our mission is to facilitate the integration of expatriates and highlight their talents.

Who is Sojoourn for?


Sojoourn is for the millennial traveler in Lyon who is looking for an international community that can open up many opportunities to help him/her integrate into the city. We are for the multicultural families who are looking to connect with other expat parents to organise playdates. French people who come back home after living abroad are also welcome in our community. Whether to make friends; build professional connections; practise the French language or to share travelling stories; Sojoourn is a roof with many opportunities! Experience the power of connections and be inspired by the benefits of cultural diversity. Thanks to Sojoourn expats from all around the globe will no longer simply cross paths but will meet up to connect. A faster – and better – way to grow personally and professionally.

Network on a higher level, build stronger relationships and enjoy exclusive benefits by joining the Sojoourn Club.

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