How to start a freelance business in France

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

When you frequently relocate to follow your significant other around the world, it can be hard to maintain a career and some financial independence.


You arrive in countries where you don’t have a network, you don’t speak the language, and the companies are reluctant to hire you, afraid you’ll just stay for a while, then move to your next destination.

So… How can you get a job, that you can keep wherever you go? By being location independent, obviously, but also by having a job with which your timezone won’t be an issue. Starting your own business is a way of doing that!

One of the fastest ways to create a profitable business with flexible hours, and with no need to rent an office or hire a team, is to become a freelancer. Let’s see, step by step, how to become a freelancer in France! - guest writer Marion Giroudon.

1. Define your offer

First, you need to think: what kind of services can you offer? The easier skills to sell as a freelancer are :

- digital skills: web development, webdesign, digital marketing, content creation, content writing, community management, etc

- virtual assistance: helping companies by doing their daily tasks, such as replying to their emails, updating their databases, handling their paperwork, etc

- translation: can be smart for you, since now, you are familiar with different cultures

- coaching: in many areas of expertise

If you already have some of these skills, that’s perfect: you can just start with that!