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Tribe Leaders Spotlight: Nina, yoga teacher

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Meet Nina

She is the founder of Yoga in English with Nina, a yoga teacher passionate about teaching yoga according to the unique requirements of the individual.

Originally from England, she has been living and teaching in Bangkok Thailand for the past 12 years. The huge cultural difference she experienced was initially a challenge, yet has positively shaped her into the person that she is today. During her time in Asia, she learned about Thai cultural values and applied them to herself to create a positive outlook on life and to live more in the present moment. She appreciates the little things in life. Her previous job was as an International School Teacher so she has always enjoyed teaching others. Then through her passion for practicing yoga, she’s found what she really loves to do by combining the two: Yoga and Teaching!

She immersed herself in the ancient Asian yogic methods including learning Thai massage; its this knowledge that she brings to Lyon. Even when she is working, she doesn’t feel like she’s ‘working’. She teaches all of her classes here in Lyon in English to all levels so everyone can enjoy the benefits that yoga brings to the body as well as the mind.

Nina, tell us about YOU, what do you like doing in your daily life?

Having a nice big breakfast with English tea of course. I’m always cycling all over the city to teach classes, I’m an ultra-trail runner so I run a lot and I regularly practice my yoga and meditation. I’m always meeting up with friends as those relationships are very important to me. As I don’t have a Monday to Friday job I feel like l have loads of freedom and everyday is different.

Can you summarise what you are currently working on?

At the moment I am setting up my own yoga studio in the middle of Parc de la Tête d’Or. I will be having group classes there as well as Sojoourn events and workshops. Additionally, I do private classes that I do in people’s houses that I want to keep beside my studio hours because I can really connect to them and pay attention to their individual needs. I’d rather offer a small number of high quality classes than teaching a full schedule.

In the next 2 to 3 weeks l'll be ready to open up my yoga studio and will be starting to offer daytime classes there. All the classes are in English so the Sojoourn community can come along to support me by getting moving and stretching.

What’s your best advice to someone starting a business?

I don’t look at myself as a business woman or somebody who is building a business to be honest. I feel like I’m opening up my yoga space and offering it to people. There is this wonderful place that is available and I just love to share my knowledge of yoga with people who want to learn.

I’m not interested in growing a big business, I simply enjoy teaching yoga, I can’t think of a better way I’d like to spend my life.

What do you find beneficial being part of Sojoourn?

I feel like I am a part of a community that supports me. My friends recommended it to me and then I’ve got to know Emmanuelle and I even found my first yoga student through Sojoourn. As a Tribe Leader I can connect to other Tribe Leaders to do workshops and events together, which is amazing as there’s so many opportunities within the community.

Do you have any advice for people who are moving to Lyon?

When I arrived about a year and a half ago I didn’t have any family here, I had no friends, I couldn’t speak French, I didn’t have a place to live, I had no job and no connections. I knew nothing about Lyon and had just picked it randomly from the map and literally just turned up.

It was difficult at the beginning but all I can say is just come and put yourself out there, it will all come together eventually.

You can research all about a city on the internet, but you won’t find out about the energy or the atmosphere of a place until you arrive and experience it for yourself.

Life motto:

Never turn down an invitation.

It’s a saying from my dad. I try to live my life according to it because when someone invites you to spend time with them its because they want you to be there sharing that moment with them. There is always a reason why we should be in certain places at certain times, like a higher purpose. By turning down an invitation you might miss an opportunity. And whatever the occasion is, it might not seem significant at the time, but it’s always linked to something that comes back into your life positively later on.

Get healthy and practice yoga regularly.

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