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5 Ways to meet people in Lyon – Sojoourn

Updated: May 27, 2019

Be it chatting over drinks or coffee, discovering the city or practicing your French, we know that meeting people is one of the things that freshly arrived expats in the city need to do. Check out these five easy, sure-fire ways of meeting people in Lyon. Come on, come all !

1. Polyglot

Every Friday, Polyglots all over the city come together to enjoy drinks and chat in multiple languages ! Be it, expats or locals, anyone can join and exchange experiences all while practicing a foreign language. Know more about Polyglot meetups here.

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2. KoToPo

If you want more than just a language exchange. KoToPo is an association that offers a variety of activities such as games, once in a while cooking classes, reading sessions and so much more. You can even just hang out in their library, indulge in books and magazines and meet other association members! Discover more about KoToPo here.


3. Lyon City Greeters

Nothing better to bond over someone than taking walks together. With Lyon City Greeters, you get to be guided and feel welcomed in the city by a tour guide for free! Let one of their city guides show you their favorite districts, spots and hidden gems in the city. You can check more on Lyon City Greeters here.

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4. Alliance Française de Lyon

If you are already learning French, you can hit 2 birds with 1 stone with Alliance Française de Lyon. They only not offer language classes to match different schedules, but also organize day trips and parties for their students. Try attending one of their regular ciné-clubs or cuisine du monde and you will surely meet a lot of people from all corners of the world! Know more about AF de Lyon here.


5. ApéroExpats

Not really a student? You are a French who wants to improve your English? Or you are a professional or entrepreneur who wants to expand your network? Maybe you just want to grab a drink and unwind after work? Then, this last one in our list is definitely the best for you! ApéroExpats is a gathering of both international and local people. It happens every first Thursday of the month and only costs 10 euros with drinks included. What makes ApéroExpats unique is that it's organized in a different place every month, making you discover more exciting places in Lyon all while meeting more people! Oh, and you can bring a friend too ;-) ApéroExpats is organized by Sojoourn. Book your spot on the next ApéroExpat here.

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By Lorelie Labbe



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