Expats stories - Caroline from USA to Lyon

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Hello Caroline, can you tell us where you come from?

I moved here from San Francisco, where I am from, but had been an expat in London for a decade previously.

What is the best way to prepare for moving to Lyon?

I went a little crazy and just went for it! It happened very quickly.

Why did you choose to live in Lyon?

I came here to do a 2 week French class while I was staying in Paris for the summer and fell in love with Lyon.

How to deal with culture shock in Lyon?

I just try to pay attention when I feel like I've been rude accidentally or felt like someone has been rude to me, 99% of the time that perceived rudeness is a rule that I didn't understand!

How to overcome difficulties during living in Lyon?

The expat community has been a great source of guidance and friendship. Anytime I get scared or worried about what I'm doing here, I can walk around and see where I am and remember why I'm here.

What do you plan to do in Lyon ? What are your projects at t