Expats stories - Nina, from England to Lyon

Hello Nina, can you tell us where you come from?

Bangkok, Thailand has been my home for 12 years prior to Lyon, although originally from near Manchester in the north of England.

What is the best way to prepare for moving to Lyon?

My first two months as soon as l moved here l attended a language school every day and lived with a host family. Beginning to learn French was my priority.

Why did you choose to live in Lyon?

I just picked it at random from a map!

How to deal with culture shock in Lyon?

After living in Asia where the culture is very different to Western culture, l didn't experience culture shock. I've soon accustomed to croissants over rice.

How to overcome difficulties during living in Lyon?

Its been challenging at times but its always other people that have helped me out. French people have been very kind and welcoming, plus there are lots of other people in the same situation as myself which is good to know.

What do you plan to do in Lyon ? What are your projects at the moment?

I'm a yoga teacher and have been teaching for 14 years. Everybody's body is uniquely different so l enjoy teaching tailor made private classes that suit each person's specific needs. I also do Ancient Thai Tok Sen massage which l learned in northern Thailand.

What are your favorite things to do in Lyon? 

I'm always in Parc de la Tête d'Or. I practice yoga, run, walk and dream here.

What is your advice for people wishing to come and live in France?

If you're thinking of moving to France, do it! If you're thinking of starting a business, do it!