Why we have decided to launch our new service: home search

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Sojoourn was born from a need

A need to connect and be part of an international community. Our founder Emmanuelle, has launched the famous ApéroExpats events to build a community of expats, because she missed being in an international environment after coming home from abroad. And slowly but surely she has built an international family of expats in Lyon. It’s been nearly three years and we haven’t stopped.

Sojoourn was growing by listening to the needs of its members.

We are growing with you.

This is exactly why we are here now. You came to us because you needed help. Help to understand the housing market in France, in Lyon. Help to find a place that you can call home.

Are you somebody, who:

  • doesn’t speak French well enough (Have you seen our French courses?),

  • doesn’t know how and where to start looking for a place,

  • tried to find a place for a while without success,

  • doesn’t have a French guarantor,

  • doesn’t have a French CDI work contract,