Why we have launched our conversational French classes

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

At Sojoourn, we are so much more than just an international community. Our mission is to help expats integrate successfully in their new life in Lyon and to make France the #1 option for relocation. We foster an environment that creates the greatest opportunities for expats to succeed.

So how do we achieve this?


The essence of Sojoourn is a supportive and collaborative environment and we put the need of the expats at the heart of everything we do. Because of our commitment to our mission and our values, the members of our community feel confident to tackle the challenges of expatriation and they are highly supported by the Sojoourn team.


One of the main difficulties while integrating to France is overcoming the language barrier. French people are very proud of their language and many don't like speaking English, but they are more likely to help you if you approach them politely and in French (even if it's not correct).

Our French learning programs are designed for expatriates.

We have started to offer language courses (private lessons and small group course) in 2019, because we saw the need for it. We always aim to bring you the best quality services possible, to make your integration easier.

You can study French anywhere, but with us, you get to be a part of an awesome expat family. A choice that makes the difference. We can help you upgrade your current level of knowledge, whatever level you are at, and quickly give you the confidence to speak. Our conversational French courses focus on real life situations and taught by native professors, who have also experienced expatriation.

Unlike big language schools, we keep our groups small (3-6 people maximum) to give everyone enough space to talk. The lessons are based on a structured, fun and progressive learning process.

What makes us unique

  • Each participant has a chance to speak and participate in