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City Guide - Lyon 7: Between Saxe and Jean Macé district, as seen by Rebecca

Hands down, Lyon 7 is the ideal place to live in Lyon. Just two stops to the presqu’île or three stops to Old Lyon on metro line D, it’s in close proximity to Lyon’s main attractions, with the prices of the suburbs. Lyon 7 is like a microcosm of the city- sharing its rich history, great restaurants and shops. Everything you need is on your doorstep: supermarkets, food markets, gyms, doctors. With stops on metro lines D, B, Trams T1 and T2, as well as a handful of buses - it’s easy to get wherever you want. My partner and I rarely feel the need to leave the 7th, unless we are going to see the sites. A great night out in the 7th is guaranteed, with independent restaurants and even better bars. I love my Lyon 7 community, and have cherished getting to know the local pizza man, barmen, and market stall holders.  

Things to See

1. Jean Macé Market - My boyfriend and I never miss a Saturday morning market shop. The market is found on Jean Macé square, and sells lots of different things: from fresh Italian pasta to 5€ clothing. The market is on every Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and it’s the perfect occasion to stock up. A 2€ tray of onions and 1.50€ tray of garlic can last us weeks, whilst fruit and other vegetables feature on our weekly shopping list. Even if you aren't buying, the market is throughly worth a visit, even if just to admire the immaculate displays of local, fresh produce. 

2. Saint-Louis - This area round the back of Jean Macé is a must-see. There’s a beautiful church, great restaurants and wine bars, and a food market a couple of days a week.

3. Guillotière’s East Asian district and Supermarkets - Head over to Supermarché Asie to pick up cheap produce for great Chinese dishes. Guillotière is the other main area of Lyon 7, and is only a 10 minute walk from Jean Macé.

Things to Do

1. The Piscine du Rhône - A 10 minute walk from Jean Macé and Saxe-Gambetta, just on the edge of Lyon 7, is the Piscine du Rhône, which is comprised of two outdoor swimming pools. There’s no better place to spend a summer’s day than lounging around a pool and admiring the view across the river from the jacuzzi parts of the pool. 

2. Grab a coffee at one of Lyon 7’s coffee shops - They’re a great place to work, relax, or chat, and there’e plenty of them. Particularly noteworthy is Anahera in Lyon 7, which does great coffee and cakes. 

3. The Centre d’Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation (CHRD) - A museum dedicated to Lyon’s WW2 history. It is fascinating to see pictures of how the city used to look during WW2, and especially the Jean Macé area, which was heavily bombed.

4. Hit the shops! - Frip’Attitude in Saint-Louis is a great place to go shopping. It is a mix of a vintage shop and a charity shop. You do need to be prepared to spend a good amount of time in the shop to search through the rails in order to find your treasure, but it’s well worth the effort: Levis jeans for 8€, brands such as Fiorucci and Hilfiger (a men’s Hilfiger t shirt cost just 15€).

5. Get some cheese at Les Trois Jean Fromagerie - Did anyone say cheese? This cheese shop has an incredible variety of cheese - perfect when you want to spoil yourself, or for hosting a dinner party.

The Best Bars

1. Le Petit Bouclard - A true local’s bar! It’s very cosy, only seating a few tables. Other than going for drinks at nighttime, go for brunch one weekend - you wont regret it! A glass of sauvignon costs just 3€, so frankly, it’d be rude not to go…

5, rue des Trois Pierres, 69007 Lyon

2. Hopper - Tends to be very busy, and drinks are a bit more expensive than the other Lyon 7 bars, but it’s very close to Saxe-Gambetta station and has a great atmosphere.

43, cours Gambetta, 69003 Lyon

3. Le Bistroquet - Great wine and great vibes - you can get a large pot of viognier for just 10€. Brasserie Jean Jaurès - There’s an outdoor terrace which is heated during winter, as well as an indoor part under a canapé, for the full French experience. Good beer and wine. The free peanuts go down a treat, too.

27, avenue Jean Jaurés, 69007 Lyon

The Best Restaurants

1. A Nos Mères - A few minutes walk from Saxe-Gambetta, this pizza place is incredible. The pizza list is never-ending, the desserts are delicious and unique, and the wine is cheap. What more could you want?

32, cours Gambetta, 69007 Lyon

2. La Table de Max Boeuf et Homard - If you fancy a good dinner, head over to La Table de Max on Avenue Jean Jaurès. The restaurant only serves lobster and steak - so not exactly suitable vegetarians - but they definitely know how to cook these specialities. Dishes are served with potato dauphinoise - which is packed full of cream and cheese. If you’re gonna ruin your diet, you may as well do it the right way.

46, avenue Jean Jaurès, 69007 Lyon

3. Il Piccolo - Next door to Le Petit Bouclard, Il Piccolo is a great pizza place. Getting a takeaway after a drink at Le Petit Bouclard is one of my favourite ways to spend an evening. There are a few seats you can sit in at, which I’d recommend, as you nearly always get a free drink from it! 

5, rue des Trois Pierres Lyon, 69007 Lyon

4. Le Kitchen Café - Only open for lunch and breakfast, you can eat three courses for a great price of 24€. At lunch there is always a choice of a meat dish, a fish dish, and a special. All the food is innovative and lovingly made, so make sure you head there to celebrate something special, or just to treat yourself. The pastries also aren't to be missed, especially at breakfast!

34 Rue Chevreul, 69007 Lyon

5. Ramen Djizan - On the same road as Le Kitchen Café, Ramen Djizan is thoroughly worth a visit, especially for those on a tight budget. Ramen costs between 9.50€ and 11.50€, and there is a vegetarian version. 

49, rue Chevreul, 69007 Lyon

Thank you to our contributor: Rebecca Gregory

About Rebecca

Rebecca is a British student, originally from the home of The Beatles and football: Liverpool. She's taking a year abroad in Lyon following two years studying French and Philosophy at the University of Oxford. Here in Lyon, she is most often found eating cheese, drinking wine or obsessing over fashion- that is, when she's not teaching English at two primary schools in Vénissieux, or writing articles.



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