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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It’s no secret that we throw away a lot of trash. According to the organization Zéro Déchet Lyon the city produces 1,100 tons of household waste every single day! Based on this staggering statistic alone we can all agree that reducing that number and taking care of our earth is of the upmost importance.

However, leading an environmentally-friendly lifestyle in an urban area can seem like a challenge. Luckily here in Lyon plenty of your neighbors are already doing their part and encouraging others to do the same. Zéro Déchet Lyon, for example, part of the national network Zero Waste France, is passionate about educating people on how to get involved in the cause. They work with stores to help them reduce waste throughout the production and consumption processes and even hold workshops on how to make your own cleaning products, cosmetics and clothing, among other things.

If you’re ready to get engaged in this cause but are not sure where to start, a simple first step is to change your purchasing habits. Begin by buying daily goods like groceries in bulk. All over the city you can find stores where this is possible. Choosing to buy in bulk reduces the need for packaging and ensures you only buy what you will be able to consume, thus reducing waste. (While most of these places provide paper bags for these products, you can usually bring your own reusable ones. Even better!) In addition, these shops tend to offer a larger selection of local and organic goods and take time to build community with their customers.

Roni, a student at École Supérieure de Commerce et Développement 3A, says she loves buying in bulk. “I do it to reduce plastic consumption so less plastic goes to the ocean.” Two of her favorite stores are Mamie Marie and Bulko.

What are you waiting for? Use this handy guide to find the shop that’s right for you. Let’s work together to show the earth a little more love!

The Basics

Here you can find a variety of pasta, rice, lentils, nuts and seeds, granola, dried fruits and sometimes even eggs.

1. La Vie Claire

Multiple locations

2. Biocoop

Multiple locations

3. Naturalia

Multiple locations