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Travel Stories N°4

Travel with us and Wally every month to a new country.

The concept

We launched a new series about travelling to give you the feeling of discovering new places, even if it is just virtually. Our Ambassador, Wally, shares his funny stories and adventures with us once a month. He has traveled around the world and lived in 7 different countries.

You can watch us LIVE on Instagram on every second Wednesday of the month at 4pm.

No worries if you have missed it, you can rewatch the full episode whenever you feel like escaping your city a little bit.

Recap of the previous episodes

In the first episode Wally took us to Wuhan where he was teaching English for 16 months. In the second episode he shared some memories with us from his summer vacation while he was living in China. He took 2 months to travel around Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. In the third episode we stayed still in Asia and he shared his amazing adventure with us in El Nido.

Read on to see how Wally and his girlfriend finally managed to get back to their original plans, to do the famous island hopping.

El Nido

After the night at Nacpan Beach we made the journey down the mountain and into town going to the hostel we originally wanted to book hoping they had extra beds even though online they were booked. We arrived and at last we had caught a break, they had extra beds! We checked in immediately, booked our island hopping tour around El Nido. We of course got massages again and had some excellent food as well.

The next morning we grabbed our free breakfast upstairs as we talked and introduced ourselves to the various amount of backpackers among us. Everyone talked about which tour they were taking and where they had been, where they were going and how the typhoons had delayed everyone’s travel plans. We set out for the beach at 9am, got on the boat and from there, the pictures I took do much more than I could honestly say in a 1000 words.

Join us on our next trip to Mexico!. Watch us LIVE on Wednesday, 10th of March at 4pm on Instagram and don’t forget to follow us.

Stay safe and see you soon,

The Sojoourn Team


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