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Why have we decided to launch Sojoourn memberships in the middle of a pandemic?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

We believe at Sojoourn that especially right now, it is very important not to give up on human connections because everyone needs support and a safe place to connect and share ideas and happy moments. But you can also come to us with your problems, if you are feeling blue and lonely. It is equally important to share the sad and awkward feelings because they are part of life! And it may be weird to say this, but at Sojoourn we’re obsessed with how to make you feel more home here.

You deserve better

For the past 2 years, we've been working towards our mission to make the life of expats and French people, who come back from abroad, easier. The past 6 months have allowed us to reflect on how to improve what we offer and how to create a more diverse and welcoming community.

We are transforming Sojoourn into a platform of events, community and services for expats and entrepreneurs.

We are pushing ourselves every day to give you the best possible experience in Lyon and in France. It is not only about finding a job or an apartment to feel home in a city. These are everyday necessities, that you will find eventually, but what we talk about less often is finding real friendships. Loneliness can affect your mental health in so many different ways.

You deserve a place where you can really connect with people and start to build friendships based on trust and mutual interest. You deserve somebody who pulls the expats together and gives them guidance, and a safe place to show their personality. Let us be that special somebody.

Succeeding in a foreign country can be measured in a lot of different ways. Let us be there for you in every step of your new life. We created Sojoourn Club with the purpose to show you our dedication, that you are important to us and we pay attention to you, to your needs.

Stronger Community

‍By making Sojoourn a platform that's exclusive to Members, everyone in the community is truly invested in the concept of location independence. This creates a strong shared value system, uniting thousands of people in Lyon (for now) online and offline - even when we can't all be physically together.

Accessible Memberships

‍COVID highlighted the importance of having a connected, global community, wherever you are. To grow the community we have, we're offering new memberships, so people can have access to more resources and opportunities.

Covid updates

Every day we face the challenge to reinvent ourself and the way we guide the Sojoourn community in order to bring you the best possible experience while keeping you and everyone around us safe. As of October 17th, 2020 we suspend our physical events completely to act as a responsible member of the society. We continue to offer online events and even double the amount.

What are the benefits of the membership? - Free events: online and unlimited or physical if possible

- Members-only events - Access to English speaking Experts - Discounts up to 30% on our French courses - Discounts up to 50% on events - Free updated Lyon city guide ebook

And more!

Where can you find the events?

All of our events are posted in the calendar on our website:

We are also continuously creating more online content for our Members. Help with the French administration, the health care system, or even the explanation of the "mutuelle" or housing situation. You'll see these detailed tips directly on our Mighty Networks platform for the Members, or some parts on our social media platforms and website.

Are you ready to take the next step towards a happier expat life? Join us now and become a Member!

See you soon,

Emmanuelle & Zsofi


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